About Us


The Werafa Company For General and Public Women Servies was established in the city of Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia, in the year 1925. Al-Werafa company for general public services is one of the branches of Al-Werafa Trading Company which specialises in providing services regarding companies management and clearing governmental documents and other private companies with relation, which seeks to ease and minimize such issues and hurdles whether national or international, which would allow local companies with limited services companies to compete on a global scale with a larger reach of services. The Werafa company takes pride in being the first women’s public services authorized to work by the Ministry of Interior Affairs, which set it off to face and clear many issues to achieve a very transparent and trusted status in its dealings to guarantee the qual- ity that customers seek in the Saudi market


Message from the head executive

:Nada Sa’ad Al-Dous 

was the founder of the company, led by Reema Bin Khamees, and sup- ported by a professional team that always seek to improve their ways in any way they can. I see my colleagues as a blessing, a very persistent and supportive team capable of taking charge and working profession- ally. I see myself as blessed to be able to work with you and serve our customers in exemplary ways that heed to the teachings of Islam and unmatched privacy and transparency with dealing with our customers and I hope for us to be able to fill one of the voids that currently exist in the Saudi market with fair prices and unmatched quality.

Our Story

The Werafa tree is considered one of God’s blessings on earth, being a tree that people would seek to relax and have shelter beneath it, which where the company had its inspira- tion from. A blessed tree with high branches and and deep, and strong roots that our customers would seek to protect both them- selves and their growing establishments.

Our Vision

Al-Werafa company seeks to be the number one company in the field of providing public servic- es, and providing them in the most satisfactory manner with the highest level of professional- ism possible

Our Message

We aim to utilise all abilities and ways to provide establishments with the services they need in the highest level of quality possible through a team with vast experience in the field of public services while retaining the highest levels of secrecy possible and to work as hard and fast possible to match the epitome of work ethics and professionalism.

Provided services

Referring to the following government departments
Labor office in Riyadh. Passport offices in Riyadh region. Social security officers. Riyadh municipality. Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Champer of commerce. Human Resources Development Fund. And comment on transactions in the courts and prison sections and emirates of the regions. Police and jailing departments for labour workers. Committee of the promotion of virtue and prevention of Vice. Receiving labour workers from King Khalid airport and driving them to their hous- ing places. Referring to the all official departments related to starting a new or existing establishments.
Development and management of human resources: management planning for the establishment. Performance management and development. Developing the establish- ment. Monitoring the hiring process and resolving legal issues. Guidance of the employ- ees, rating their performances, supervision of their training periods, advisement on the training courses they should take. Managing the workers bounces and compensations. Keeping in touch with the workers and smoothing their experience of contacting each others. Documentation of all legal documents and orders and official instructions. These services limited to women’s establishment only

Consulting the customers regarding the artistic and architectures aspect of all demo- lition or restoration process in case the customer wanted that with a separate contract and an agreed upon price.
Providing all what’s needed regarding logos and advertisement banners and the likes for the customer in case the service is wanted with a separate contract and an agreed upon price.

Where to find us

Althmamah Road inside SheWroks offices

Office hours :

8AM -9PM